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The small, private setting offers the opportunity to match postures to what you are feeling in your body in the moment. Clients are able to ask questions and give feedback throughout the session. Truly a unique yoga experience. 


Meet Amy

I have a passion for teaching! I have a degree in elementary education and became a registered yoga instructor in 2013. I taught yoga at Dixie State University for 2 years and Infusion Yoga and Pilates for 21/2 years. I greatly enjoy teaching yoga to individuals and small groups.  I experienced trauma as a child for which I received *EMDR treatments and found it quite helpful. When I coupled my therapeutic treatment with yoga I discovered full body, mind and soul healing. Therapy and yoga combined is amazing!  

For 25 years I've dealt with the chronic effects of Crohn's disease.  Along with a mindful diet, the benefits of routinely practicing yoga improve my health daily. My desire is to share what I've learned to help others.

* www.emdr.com


A Variety of Yoga Practices

I am certified to teach multiple methods of yoga such as restorative, vinyasa, meditation, breath practices, chakra based sequences, trauma sensitive and restorative partner yoga (RPY). I teach small group courses or private sessions. My practice is located in the office of Resilient Solutions Inc. Our objective is to provide the option of combining yoga with therapy for holistic healing. 


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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

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Call or text to request a time that works for you.

1355 N Main Suite 6

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Date Yoga

Looking for a fun way to connect with your partner? Restorative Partner Yoga is your answer. $50 for a 1 1/2 hour session. You and your partner will leave feeling relaxed and with a new way to connect. 

Call or text to request a time that works for you.

1355 N Main Suite 6

Yoga Styles

Restorative Partner Yoga


Restorative Partner Yoga (RPY) is practiced between two people. As the giver in the session, I move you (the receiver) through a series of yoga sequences with hands on adjustments. This modality of yoga helps you restore balance within your body and leaves you feeling incredibly peaceful. Sections of RPY can be integrated in any yoga practice to aid the receiver in obtaining postures.




In a private yoga session you are able to choose what style you prefer to practice.  I offer vinyasa - breath synchronized movement known as a flow. Restorative - a relaxing practice using props to renew your body. Chair Yoga. Chakra based sequences - postures that focus on specific chakras.  Meditation techniques and several styles of breath practices. 

Trauma Sensitive Yoga


Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY) is an adaptive practice with a physical focus. The key elements are breath, movement and awareness. Focusing on the physical sensation and breath grounds awareness in the present. The ability to accept the present moment provides the opportunity to become 'unstuck'.



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Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries, or to learn more about what I offer. Renew and Restore Yoga is located in the office of Resilient Solutions Inc. Suite 6.

Renew and Restore Yoga

1355 N Main Suite 6, Bountiful, UT, 84010

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Appointments available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturd. Text or call Amy to schedule today!

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